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Who We Are

"Quality is our work and value for money our objective"

Where We've Come From

Over 40 years ago, we began our outdoor storage manufacturing journey. From modest beginnings as a privately owned family business, we have grown on a real passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

At the core of our business is a key focus to make each customer’s experience one that is memorable, for all the right reasons. Our group is focused heavily on Design, Manufacture and Build, and ultimately on delivery of a great experience every time, for every customer. Originally called “Spic and Span”, we were one of the original manufacturers of the now iconic backyard accessory – the humble garden shed.

Who We Are Now

At Spanbilt, we have always believed in leading market innovation through key insights from our customers. Whether they are seeking a decluttered garage, a man cave, a secret getaway, an adventure land for little ones, or even a place to just go and work uninterrupted – we have the right solutions for every specific customer need.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset, and our competitive advantage. Our manufacturing, customer service, design and administration associates all share the same belief and commitment.

Richard Gray


Our Australia Group General Manager has been with us for nearly a decade, and comes from an extensive marketing and project management background.

Scott Ricketts


Our Manufacturing Manager makes sure that the wheels are constantly moving on the production floor. He ensures that orders are processed correctly and on time as well.

Mike Gee


Our Head of Research & Development is constantly innovating. He understands that customer needs are changing, and he creates product designs that best suit their specific needs.



Our Sales Manager has 20 years of varied sales experience, and he is great at keeping the sales team accountable, motivated, and focused on the basics of selling.

Terry Kiehne


Our Engineering Manager works closely with Mike and together they make products that are perfectly suited to what the customer wants.



Our friendly Customer Service Representative answers all questions, common and uncommon) about our sheds that customers might have.