Yardsaver F83-D - 2.8m x 1.07m x 1.8m

Yardsaver F83-D - 2.8m x 1.07m x 1.8m

All Garden Sheds are Manufactured to Order


Measurements: 2.8mW x 1.07mD x 1.8mH

The slimline models of garden sheds like the YardSaver F83s were developed for areas where outdoor space is limited. This shed will fit back up against a wall or fence and allow access past in narrow situations. The F83D is perfect down the side against the house where you have limited space between the neighbour’s fence or even against that fence. The double doors don’t take much space to open however when the both doors are open you get great access into all storage space inside the shed.

FREE Masonry Anchors – for added security and safety masonary anchors are provided to secure your Spanbilt Garden Shed to your slab or foundations.

Medium Garden Shed Accessories

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A large flat-roof garden shed that fits into a lot of spaces and lots of space inside for plenty of things you want to be kept safe and secure. The YardSaver F83D is the biggest flat roof model in our range. Almost anything goes into the efficient style storage shed. You can get a family’s worth of push bikes in, plenty of sporting gear and camping gear or gardening equipment. Its popular choice to put close to carports or garages where mummy can roll her large designer stroller in and out for the afternoon walk or place it into the back of the new SUV when off to lunch and shopping.


Zinc, Rivergum, Smooth Cream, Slate Grey, Monolith

Width & Depth

280cm x 107cm



Door Width:


Wind Rating:

Region A, Region B & Region C (up to C2 with cyclonic kit upgrade)


15 Years



Packaging Information

Shipping Dimensions

Packaging Weight: 59kg

Height: 218cm | Width: 37cm | Depth: 14cm

Assembly Videos

Step 1 – Preparation

Step 2 – Rear Wall Assembly

Step 3 – Front Wall Assembly

Step 4 – Side Walls Assembly

Step 5 – Joining the Walls (internal bracket version)

Step 5 Joining the Walls (New external Corner Bracket version)

Step 6 – Attaching the Roof (Flat and sloping roof models)

Step 7 – Door Assembly

Step 8 – Finishing


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