Yardsaver G98 - 3.14m x 2.8m x 2.08m

Yardsaver G98 - 3.14m x 2.8m x 2.08m


All Garden Sheds are Manufactured to Order


Measures: 3.14m x 2.8m x 2.08m

This big’n measures 3.14m x 2.8m x 2.08m, the YardSaver G98 stands pleasing to the eye in any backyard with it grand gable roof as a serious structure. The extra storage room you create inside the G98 will surprise many. There is enough room for the serious gardener to organise all your tools and equipment where you can easily access them when needed.

FREE Masonry Anchors – for added security and safety masonary anchors are provided to secure your Spanbilt Garden Shed to your slab or foundations.

Large Garden Gable Shed Accessories

Please select from the below optional Garden Accessories

If you have a lot of stuff you need to store the this is the shed for you. With the YardSaver G98 you any de-clutter your garage so you get you valuable cars back in or move the mess out of that spare room so you use it more effectively as a home gyn of mums sewing room.

Build this shed yourself and you will so proud as you drive your ride-on mower out the extra wide double doors. You will even have ample room for all your camping gear, surfboards and the families push bikes.

If your backyard is spacious yet not big enough for a professional workshop you can spec up the G98 with a work bench and hanging shelves and you have created an ideal not so little work space come man cave.


Zinc, Rivergum, Smooth Cream, Slate Grey, Monolith

Width & Depth

314cm x 280cm

Height Wall/Gable:


Door Width:


Wind Rating:

Region A, Region B & Region C (up to C2 with cyclonic kit upgrade)


15 Years



Packaging Information

Shipping Dimensions

Packaging Weight: 104kg

Height: 218cm | Width: 37cm | Depth: 19cm

Assembly Videso

<h3>Step 1 – Preparation</h3>

<h3>Step 2 – Rear Wall Assembly</h3>

<h3>Step 3 – Front Wall Assembly</h3>

<h3>Step 4 – Side Walls Assembly</h3>

<h3>Step 5 – Joining the Walls (internal bracket version)</h3>

<h3>Step 5 Joining the Walls (New external Corner Bracket version)</h3>

<h3>Step 6 – Attaching the Roof (Flat and sloping roof models)</h3>

<h3>Step 7 – Door Assembly</h3>

<h3>Step 8 – Finishing</h3>


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